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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Bryan McIntoshWelcome to Indu-Kote System's quarterly newsletter. Each quarter, we feature an industrial or commercial coating project completed by IKS. This quarter, we present a coating system project for a City of Toronto truck wash.

- Bryan McIntosh, President

Making a Clean Getaway

Project: City of Toronto Maintenance Yard Truck Wash
Client: City of Toronto
Type of work: Coating system for interior block walls of a City of Toronto maintenance yard truck wash


  • Constant moisture exposure - Porous block walls provided an ideal environment to harbour moisture resulting in mould, mildew and eventual spalling and delaminating of the wall.

  • Chemical attack - Constant exposure to alkaline soap and detergent which is very corrosive.

  • Thermal shock - Rapid thermal fluctuations within the wash bay can cause premature failure of many coating systems.


The initial tender specifications were very generic, only mentioning an epoxy coating for the block walls. The architect subsequently suggested a waterborne epoxy coating from a major paint supplier in keeping with the City of Toronto's low VOC, green policy.


The following specification was developed:

  • Primer Coat, Intermediate and Finish Coat: Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial High Performance Polyamide Epoxy.

  • IKS suggested a high-solids solvent-borne epoxy coating, expressing concern about the long term performance of a waterborne epoxy in this particular environment.

  • This polyamide epoxy - at 80% solids by volume - was manufactured with VOC content less than 250 grams/liter.

  • A three coat application would provide a tile-like finish on the walls and offer superior long-term performance relative to its waterborne counterpart.


  • Tile-like finish - By sealing the porous block with this coating system, mold and mildew growth will be inhibited and the block will be protected long-term from degradation.

  • Low maintenance - The coating system is low maintenance. Virtually no further maintenance will be required.

  • Low environmental impact - With a VOC content equaling waterborne epoxy, this product met the client's green initiative requirements. With an expected useful life-cycle that exceeds waterborne epoxies, the cost per year of use and overall environmental impact is lower than the alternative.

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"The architect was very pleased to receive this advice and welcomed the recommendation to switch to this system. Thanks for your input and expertise in this matter."

Johnathon Whiteside
Project Supervisor
Laurin General Contractors


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