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Summer 2011 Newsletter

Bryan McIntoshWelcome to Indu-Kote System's quarterly newsletter. Each quarter, we feature an industrial or commercial coating project completed by IKS. This quarter, we present a stripping and refinishing project for an aluminum trellis.

- Bryan McIntosh, President

"Painting is just another way of keeping
   a diary."
 — Pablo Picasso

Project: 550 Wellington Ave West - Public Art Trellis Pavilion
Client: Soheil Mosun Limited
Type of work: Stripping and refinishing aluminum trellis


Failing coating on a public art/dining area structure.


The structure — designed both as a public art piece and an outdoor dining area for the restaurant Scarpetta — was originally factory powder-coated but the coating began delaminating shortly after installation. It was in a high-profile, high-traffic public area, adjacent to a street and parking lot on one side and a restaurant and reflecting pond on the other.


The following specification was developed:

  • Protection - Provide a 16' high shrouded enclosure to protect parked cars, adjacent buildings and pedestrians.

  • Preparation - Remove all of the existing coating back to the original substrate using Devstrip 501 — an environmentally friendly stripper that does not contain methylene chloride, caustics or NMP and is water soluble and biodegradable. The trellis would then be cleaned and neutralized by a high-pressure power wash.

  • Primer Coat - Spray application of Sherwin Williams' DTM Wash Primer — a low VOC, water based wash primer, free of heavy metals and mineral acids. This primer is designed to be applied over aluminum and galvanizing, or used as a tie-coat over zinc-rich primers. The important feature of this primer is that it accepts high-performance "hot" solvent topcoats directly, such as epoxies and urethanes.

  • Finish Coats - A two-coat electrostatic application of Tnemec Series 175 Endura-Shield Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane — a coating highly resistant to abrasion, wet conditions, corrosive fumes, chemical contact and exterior weathering. This coating is manufactured with an eggshell sheen to match the original architectural design.


  • Aesthetics - A low-luster black finish is achieved with this high-performance polyurethane coating.

  • Durability - The polyurethane coating provides superior resistance to weathering.

  • Low environmental impact - The Devstrip 501 was the right tool for this project given the location and presence of both a reflecting pool and young saplings.

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