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Spring 2012 Newsletter

Bryan McIntoshWelcome to Indu-Kote System's quarterly newsletter. Each quarter, we feature an industrial or commercial coating project completed by IKS. This quarter, we present an electrostatic re-finishing project.

- Bryan McIntosh, President

They Said It Was Impossible...
They Were Wrong.

Project: Interior Window Mullions
Client: CUPE
Type of work: Electrostatic re-finishing of the interior perimeter window mullions


Needing to electrostatically apply a durable, shop-like finish for existing interior window mullions on a construction project striving for LEED Gold certification.


Typically, most on-site projects of this nature are refinished electrostatically with a solvent-borne coating system. In this case the project was striving for LEED gold certification. The requirement was for a low (or zero) VOC coating system to be applied electrostatically. Up until recently, trying to apply waterborne coatings electrostatically, on site, was a major technological issue. Through our recent and significant investment in new state of the art waterborne electrostatic technology, we were able to fulfill the requirements.

Why electrostatic? The coating system could have been applied in many different ways, but the electrostatic method provides a superior spray finish while maximizing paint transfer efficiency. In other words, more paint is applied directly to the substrate rather than being atomized and propelled into the immediate and surrounding atmosphere. This also means that less paint is actually used, meaning there is less environmental impact.


  • All of the mullions were to be thoroughly sanded, cleaned and tack wiped prior to coating.

  • We specified, procured and applied a proprietary, high performance primer from XIM. It is a urethane modified acrylic primer designed to provide excellent adhesion to a variety of smooth surfaces. This primer complies with LEED certification.

  • The finish coating was Sherwin Williams' All-Surface Enamel, 0 VOC Acrylic Coating. This high quality interior/exterior coating provides excellent durability in high traffic areas and resistance to weather and UVA UVB sunlight, maintaining its gloss and colour. Amazingly, this high performance acrylic coating has zero volatile organic compounds.


  • Aesthetics - A flawless spray finish produced on-site as efficiently as is currently possible.

  • Cost - A fraction of the cost of replacement.

  • Low environmental impact - Designed and applied with clean air and LEED Gold certification in mind.

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"Impressive! Thanks for your clean, professional, and quality driven approach to our project. It is refreshing to have people who care so much about their work!"

PCL Constructors
George Henry

"Even with the usual precautions attributed to the Painting Trade's practice on the construction site (e.g., masking, laying drop cloths, etc.), the waterborne electrostatic system of paint application can significantly reduce the time required for the overall installation."

Taylor Smyth Architects
George Wang BTech


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