Concrete Floor Coatings

As a painting contractor, we at Indu-Kote understand the importance of providing your clients with solutions that not only look great but also offer long-lasting durability. That’s why we offer a range of floor concrete coatings that provide exceptional protection against wear and tear, heavy traffic, and chemical spills. Our coatings are easy to apply, cost-effective, and available in a range of colors and finishes, allowing you to create custom looks for your clients that meet their specific needs. By choosing Indu-Kote as your partner for flooring solutions, you can ensure that your clients will be satisfied with the quality and performance of their floors for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our concrete coating services.

Artistic Skylight, Woodbridge

Manufacturing facility.

Epoxy / Urethane floor coating system.

Enwave, Toronto

Mechanical room.

Moisture barrier coating system.

First Canadian Place, Toronto

Mechanical room.

Diesel resistant epoxy floor coating system.

Humber Group, Etobicoke

Automotive repair shop.

Epoxy floor coating system.

Mitsubishi Epoxy Flooring

Mitsubishi, Toronto

Automobile showroom.

Epoxy floor coating system. 

Holt Renfrew Epoxy Flooring

Holt Renfrew, Toronto

Retail store floor.

Epoxy floor coating system.


U of T Steam Plant, Toronto

Campus steam plant.

Water proofing membrane.