Architectural Coatings

Architectural coatings are specialized paints and coatings that are designed for interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, including walls, ceilings, and trim. These coatings provide numerous benefits including enhanced durability, protection against weathering and fading, and improved aesthetic appeal. Architectural coatings are available in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, allowing clients to achieve their desired look and feel for their building. These coatings are also eco-friendly and low VOC, making them safe for use in residential and commercial settings. With the wide range of benefits that these coatings offer, they are an excellent investment for any building owner looking to improve the appearance and protection of their structure.

Electrostatic Painting | Commercial Painting

Boston Consulting, Toronto

Lobby Elevator Doors.

Preparation and spray application of Scuffmaster Solid Metal Coating system for elevator doors and surrounds.

One Hotel, Toronto

Roof-top pool / lounge.

Installation of cementitious, textured coating system.

Park Hyatt Hotel

Exterior metal siding

Ultra-durable, Fluorompolymer urethane coating system.

InduKote Commercial Painting Contractor. Toronto's best commercial painter

MVL Leasing, Oakville

Exterior metal siding.

Spray finishing of exterior metal siding in an high-performance acrylic system.

U Condos, Bay St. Toronto

U Condos, Bay St. Toronto

Steel curtain wall assemblies.

Epoxy, Aliphatic Urethane finish.

Steelcase Canada, Markham

Steelcase Canada, Markham


Various Architectural Finishes.

Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto

Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto

Pylon Sign.

Automotive metallic urethane finish.

Indu-Kote, Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto

Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto

Porte cochere steel canopy.

Epoxy primer and automotive metallic finish.

Uptown 88 Colgate

Showcase Lofts, Leslieville

Galvanized Trellis.

Epoxy primer and semi-gloss black aliphatic urethane finish.