Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are specially formulated paints designed to protect and enhance the longevity of various surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood. Industrial coatings can provide numerous benefits such as increased durability, corrosion resistance, and protection against environmental elements. These coatings are ideal for industrial and commercial applications, including warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities, where heavy machinery, chemicals, and other harsh conditions can take a toll on surfaces over time. Industrial coatings can also improve the aesthetic appeal of surfaces, making them more attractive and professional-looking. Indu-Kote has extensive experience providing such long-lasting and high-quality solutions that enhance the lifespan and performance of structures, machinery, and equipment.

The Well - Electrostatic painting. Painters near me. | Architectural Painting | Commercial Painting

The Well, Toronto

Exterior steel latticed canopy.

Preparation and installation of a 3-coat, zinc / epoxy / urethane coating system.


Visco Industrial Sales, Bolton

Warehouse ceiling, walls floor.

Installation of high performance ceiling, wall and floor coatings.

Multimatic, Concord

Ceiling & walls.

Installation of high performance ceiling, wall coatings.

All-Trade, Brampton

All-Trade, Brampton

Exterior building envelope.

High performance acrylic finishes.

ATS, Brampton

Acrylic dryfall and wall finishes.

Carstar, Markham / Brampton

Carstar, Markham / Brampton

Exterior building envelope.

Aliphatic urethane finishes.

Caterpillar, Rexdale

Caterpillar, Rexdale

Ceiling, Walls & Machinery.

Epoxy ester dryfall & acrylic finishes.

Hoco, Niagara Falls

Skywheel & Tower sign.

Moisture-cure urethane and fluoropolymer urethane finishes.

Roberts Racing – Oakville

Roberts Racing, Oakville

High performance acrylic finishes & polished floor.