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Winter 2012 Newsletter

Bryan McIntoshWelcome to Indu-Kote System's quarterly newsletter. Each quarter, we feature an industrial or commercial coating project completed by IKS. This quarter, we present a finishing project for a manufacturing facility.

- Bryan McIntosh, President

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Project: Existing manufacturing facility
Client: Robert's Racing
Type of work: Finishing of the ceiling deck and joists, precast walls, steel columns and concrete floor


Poor ambient lighting and general appearance.


This metal fabrication facility was purchased by the client with a vision towards a solar panel assembly shop as well as a personal showroom and storage space for race cars and other future business endeavors. The present condition of the facility was not up to their standards.


  • Ceiling, Walls, and Columns - Application of Tnemec Coatings' Series 115 Uni-Bond WB. Here is what makes this coating system special:

    • A waterborne formulation that contains portland cement. The coating provides tenacious adhesion with a variety of substrates.

    • Very high titanium di-oxide load, makes it whiter and brighter than many other coatings on the market great for increased ambient light reflectance values. It will stay this way far longer than its alkyd brethren.

    • It will provide superior bond across fluctuating temperature cycles and will not fracture on the satin coated metal ceiling deck as can happen with alkyd coatings. Over time, the zinc content in satin-coated metal will cause typical alkyd coatings to saponify - or break down, causing loss of adhesion. That will never be an issue with this system.

  • Concrete floor - Grind and densify the concrete to a level 3,000 polish. A terrific option for a seamless, smooth, clean and bright look. Little maintenance required other than occasional cleaning to remove dust and dirt. No coatings means no fumes, curing time or re-coat issues.


  • Aesthetics - Super bright and visually stunning.

  • Cost - A small up-front increase in price was realized for the superior ceiling and wall coating system but will ultimately prove to be the most economical option over the life-cycle of the coating. Money well spent.

  • Low environmental impact - Low VOC waterborne coatings and a polished floor provide a low environmental impact.

  • Life Cycle - Low maintenance costs and a long coating life-cycle make for terrific value.

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"Bryan was terrific in providing alternative coating options and explaining where the value lay in each of them. It was an easy decision for us given our long-term objectives."

Ron Caicco


Email your coating questions to us. If we can't answer them immediately, we will research the answers through our network of industry experts and professional journals.

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